Web Series

A web series shot in DC about the lives of 18 high schoolers, growing up & getting down in the 1990's.

Discover hidden gems in DC, get the low-down on upcoming events, and meet people doing awesome projects in the city.

Zyara is a Lebanese award winning documentary web-series of four to five minute videos, depicting intimate portraits of various individuals, from around the world, sharing their hopes and dreams, stories about love, fears & their most memorable experiences.

Cynical private investigator Joss Washburn has seen the worst that humanity has to offer, and thinks that nothing can surprise him. But a simple missing persons case changes all of that, as Joss finds himself in the middle of a struggle that has gone on for millennia.

Placed and shot around the world (Uk, Holland, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, USA and Zambia), “The Ushers” is a fantasy-thriller, a worldwide project coordinating different crews in different places of the world, whose international shootings are directed by Andrea Galatà.

Established in the late 1800’s by the Bennington Family, Bennington House School for Girls has been a premiere institution for educating young women. For over 100 years, young girls have matriculated into Bennington House graduating into society as well-rounded young ladies. It is summer session and life at Bennington House will never be the same as one girl’s search for answers will jeopardize the lives of all.

Georgetonia follows two college friends as they immerse themselves, perhaps a bit too much, in the college experience.

White Liars follows the exploits of Tim, a down on his luck New York actor in need of a job, and his friend Chet, who has lots of jobs. Their journey takes a satirical look at the world of business, non-paying theatre, and the little white lies that end up becoming much bigger down the road.

Meet the cooking show with a complex. Napoleon Bon Appétit is an original web series featuring Napoleon and his Kitchen Wench as the hosts of their own cooking show. The pair conquer a new recipe every episode, delivering laughs and genuine cooking tips.

Web Series

“Group” is a web series about a bunch of New Yorkers who land themselves in group therapy. They get there because of some horrible habit, some fatal flaw, some twist of fate. Now, they have to deal with themselves, and each other.


Self Storage
Web Series

Two girls. One storage unit. Home sweet home. When they are evicted from their apartment, Dana and Shoshanna, two broke, young women, move into a storage unit and struggle to make it into a place to call home sweet home.

Nathan—a cigar smoking over-eater desperate for a change in his life—returns to his high school track to get back in shape. He's ready to kick his bad habits and be the fit healthy man he always knew he could be! …But like most over-eaters, his eyes are bigger than his stomach. Shot entirely with an iPhone.

Bree and Vincent are fresh out of high school and decide to move in together because they want to have a more serious relationship. The transition to a serious relationship is halted with the constant presence of a couple that are still in high school.